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Why does my FTP connection slow down?

Some Internet Service Providers (ISP) do not recognize our data packets as they are slightly altered
Our firewall is very restrictive to protect our users
Occasionally, our firewall does not recognize the connection as a valid connection which is why the FTP connection slows down
To eliminate this problem, use Secure FTP
To use Secure FTP, apply for SSH access
A free ftp client that will handle Secure FTP is Filezilla
It can downloaded from

Now launch Filezilla and the following will walk you through how to setup a Secure FTP connection :
Go to File >> Site Manager
Click the New Site button
Give your new connection a name and select the Host field on the right and type in your domain name
Select the Server type dropdown box
Select the SFTP using SSH2 option, remember that this option is ONLY going to work if you have applied for and received SSH access
Select the Normal option for the Logon type
Select the User field and type in your ftp username
Click the Connect button
Type in your password and then click the OK button

It will now let you connect using Secure FTP. Just upload your files like you would as normal. When you need to connect again, just go to the Site Manager in Filezilla and choose the appropriate connection

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